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  • What Is The Deal With The Black Church Burnings?

    It’s still unclear whether any of the fires are linked, and local officials’ accounts of the fires do not support the sensationalist claims that “racists” are burning black churches. Out of the six churches that have burned, only two have been confirmed as arson: Knoxville, TN. seems to have been, according to police, a case […]

  • What Is NSA Surveillance?

    William Binney Whistleblower, Exposes HUGE NSA Surveillance Security Flaws Click Here to Escape the NSA Surveillance Matrix and Discover the Easy Simple Tips and Tools to Protect Yourself Online. The House Judiciary Committee put the NSA’s phone surveillance program on the path to being scrapped Thursday when a bipartisan majority voted for major reforms to […]

  • What Is the FCC Internet Take Over Really About?

    You may have heard about Net Neutrality in the news or seen the term floating around online but you may not really understand what it’s really about. Net neutrality is basically where the main Internet Service Providers such as, Windstream Communications, Verizon, Comcast, and AT&T have to treat data coming over the internet the same. […]

  • What Is Obamacare?

    Dr. Russel Blaylock has the Truth about Obamacare The following are 9 reasons why most Americans (including a growing number of liberals) absolutely hate Obamacare… #1 The launch of Obamacare has been such a colossal technical failure that many liberals are now completely ashamed to be associated with it. At this point, it is nearly […]