I’m Returning To The Canal Bank Subsequent To A Long Period Away

I’m expecting to making a return to angling next year. It has been many years since my last maggot drowning trip and I have determined that I ought to make a real move towards a return to the riverbank. The last I believe was somewhere around 1993 when I went with a mate to have a day by the Thames at Walton and I bagged a five pound barbel which needed around 20 minutes to bring in.

So many things have changed since that time that I never really considered pulling the bait and tackle out of the garage where it has remained all this time. But then a few months ago I was taking a walk with some pals following the canal near here to one of the nearby villages and suddenly found myself reminiscing wistfully of sitting by the water, thinking about existence in an atmosphere of quiet and tranquillity.

Something I’ve always had a soft spot for is specialist retailers, and fishing needs just that, the expert fishing tackle shop equipped to supply whatever the bait and tackle that anybody might need. I adore them and can happily lose myself in one for hours just looking at all the various products and ranges. And the good news is that there are loads of them near here so filling up on line, hooks and other various bait and tackle ephemera as well as permits, licences and whatever else to cover the legal requirements. In fact I reckon that most of my tackle is not just elderly but illegal to use now. I had a landing net which I was promised broke every rule in the book, so beginning again may not be cheap.

As well as plenty choice of fishing tackle shop to pick from, is the variety of locations to go and wet my bait and tackle as we have a large network of canals as well as ponds and lakes and a couple of trout farms too.

In the next few years I can also look forward to taking my little boy out to the waterside to give him a go and see if he enjoys it. Just now I wouldn’t do it as he is 4 and a very active little boy who will not sit still for more than five minutes, but when he is a bit older he may enjoy it. I always did, especially in my early teens when I used to go to the nearby fishery on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school and if I could, all day on Saturdays if I wasn’t playing football or rugby.

Happy days and maybe more to come. I wonder how my thinking will change this time around. I certainly have more to deal with these days and since I do search engine optimisation work most of the time I might even go out on an afternoon and pretend to be working if I can dream up topics for article writing. And if I ever get the iPad that I yearn for, I might even be able to get on with some work while I sit. Superb!


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