My Car Keeps Breaking Down – My Car is a Piece of Junk

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So you’re late for work again. Your boss makes you well aware of his/her dissatisfaction. He calls you into his office and ask you, “why are you always late?” You respond, “my car keeps breaking down, my car is a piece of junk”!

Having a car that’s unreliable can be a real pain in the butt. Especially if you have no money to keep getting it fixed. I don’t mean fixed enough to get through another day, I talking about fixed in a way that it’s at least half reliable.

What are My Options if My Car Keeps Breaking Down:

my car keeps breaking down

  1. Set aside 5% or more of every paycheck until you can afford repairs.
  2. Leave 30 minutes to an hour earlier for work
  3. Carpool to work
  4. Take public transportation
  5. Get a new/used car that’s more reliable

These might not seem like good options on the surface, but only you know what will work best for you. If you’re tired of risking your job by being late for work, and you’re tired of using the excuse of “my car keeps breaking down”. Then it’s time to consider some alternatives.

Car Breakdown Statistics

You may be part of the statistic that shows that 1 in 3 cars will suffer from mechanical failure during any 12-month period. This stat varies by car age, make, and model. However, it seems once you fix one problem…another one isn’t far behind.

That’s the worst part, the unknown. Your next car broke down excuse could happen at any time. Unfortunately, as your car gets more and more miles, how often your car breaks down may increase.

What to do if My Car is a Piece of Junk?

If you have children who also ride in your car, you must consider their safety as well. You don’t want to end up broke down on the highway, or anywhere else for that matter. If you have no money, there’s still hope.

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Sharing brings great things to your life!