What Is Asthma

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What Is Asthma & Asthma Facts

what is asthmaAsthma is a chronic respiratory condition that cause the sufferer to experience difficult breathing, the feeling of suffocation, and coughing. These attacks can continue for several minutes to several days.

What commonly triggers asthma attacks are allergens, irritants, low blood sugar, emotions, and/or adrenal gland disorders. A poor diet may also contribute to asthma attacks. High carb foods, sweets, diary products, food additives, sulfites, and not eliminating toxins efficiently through proper channels.

What Can Trigger An Asthma Attack?

    Excessive Humidity
    Extremely Cold Air
    Air Pollution
    Tobacco Smoke
    Fumes and Fragrances
    Junk Foods
    White Starchy Carbs
    Dairy Products

Asthma Action Plan

If you have asthma then the following tips may help relieve your asthma attack symptoms:

    Coffee: The caffeine found in two cups of coffee can open constricted bronchial passages.
    Ma Huang: This is a Chinese herb that can be used in emergencies. It contains ephedrine that is useful as a broncho-dilator.
    MSM: Methamphetamine is a dietary sulfur that in high doses combined with water can greatly improve lung capacity.
    Magnesium: Asthma sufferers should get this in fairly high doses.
    Healthy Weight: Maintaining a healthy body weight will help reduce lung stress.

More Natural Treatments For Asthma

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Sharing brings great things to your life!