What Is MGTOW?

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What Is MGTOW: Introduction To MGTOW

what is mgtowMGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way. These are men who don’t live for others anymore. They live an unapologetic lifestyle only for themselves. That means no kids, no wife, no problems in life. Some become MGTOW after they already have had kids or been married. Then after being taken to the cleaners in divorce and/or child support court, they realize how their poor judgement has stagnated and sometimes ruined their life.

MGTOW feel betrayed by past relationships and society since most women only view men as expendable containers, a source for getting free stuff(dinners, movies, trips, etc…), and sperm donors for reproduction purposes. Basically, alot of men feel like they were the “White Knight” suckers who came to a woman’s rescue, but only ended up being used and abused by women and the courts. This is where the men are held responsible for all faults and problems, and women are let off the hook 98% of the time to run wild like spoiled brats.

So as a response to a toxic and selfish society, they became selfish themselves and don’t care about nothing but their own existence. Their own goals, dreams, desires, and living life to it’s fullest. While some MGTOW’s don’t abandon dating women altogether, they however enter dating with a knowing that it’s a short term affair.

No ball and chain to hold them back, no women in their life to spend all their money…or take half of it in a divorce. No inconvenient living situations, no nagging, begging, having to deal with time wasting women. MGTOW live for themselves! To get a more in-depth look at MGTOW, visit MGTOW.com

Sharing brings great things to your life!