How to Prevent Getting Toe Nail Fungus

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In this post I will show you How to Prevent Getting Toe Nail Fungus.

getting rid of toenail fungusThere are all kinds of different nail infections out there, more so with the toe nails than with finger nails but no matter what kind of toe nail infection you may have the ways to prevent it and or to help get rid of it are all mentioned below. They tend to all be pretty basic and kind of common sense tips and habits but it still helps to learn and know for sure to be on the safe side of things.

Right from the start you should always wash your feet and hands on a regular basis; soap and water then dry just like normal. It is also recommended to keep your nails cut short and dry as much as possible. Another tip when it comes to your feet is to wear socks that are known to absorb the sweat and if you sweet a lot in your feet be sure to change your socks more often.

With your feet it is also wise to choose wearing shoes that are known to help lower the humidity you will feel, just like it is good to wear shoes that are open-toed such as sandals. Speaking about shoes, if you have any shoes that are rather old you should get rid of them. Old shoes can actually be a home to some kind of fungi and any shoes you wore when having an infection should be discarded as well.

If they were only worn for a short amount of time or the infection was not that bad yet then you have a better chance at being able to keep them. With shoes that you do keep and have it is highly suggested to spray them with an antifungal spray or use an antifungal powder in them.

As for your hands when you are cleaning or working with chemicals you should wear rubber gloves and when you are not using them be sure to pull them inside out so they can dry. It is never a good think to pick or bite at the skin that is around your nails, this can be a potential entrance for germs to the nails and skin.

With that being said it is also not wise to go barefoot in places you do not know or that are public such as locker rooms, pools, and more. If you go to get your nails done be sure that the nail salon you choose to go to is a clean and reputable one. If you want to go one step further, bring your own tools for them to use.

The last bit of knowledge that you need to keep in mind with preventing toe nail fungus is to not use nail polish or fake nails if you have any kind of infection, you may want to hide it but these actually make the infection a lot worse by not letting moisture out. And the most important is to always thoroughly wash your hands after any and every time of touching a nail that is infected.

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