PMI Calculator – Private Mortgage Insurance Explained

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First Time Home Buyer PMI Calculator Rate Table

Go here to get your PMI Private Mortgage Insurance Rate

pmi calculatorIn this video I show you how to use a PMI Calculator to an estimate of your Private Mortgage Insurance. I also give you the Mortgage Insurance definition, and explain how it’s calculated.

When I was on the market for a home, I found these kind of calculators to be very helpful in giving an idea of what your potential mortgage rate will be. They are especially useful to the first time homebuyer, since alot of these terms and costs are foreign.

Now you can use Private Mortgage Insurance Calulator to get a complete breakdown of your mortgage rates with PMI included.

There are certain mortgage insurance requirements that may or may not pertain to you. All that and more is explained in detail.

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Go use the mortgage calculator with PMI to play around with the numbers till you see a mortgage rate you like.

Sharing brings great things to your life!