Uber Cost Estimate – Uber Safety Tips

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You can get an Uber cost estimate using the form below, whether you’re looking to ride or drive.
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Want to save more money on your Uber trips? Here are some tips:

1. Compare our Uber cost estimate to what you get from your Uber, Lyft, and other ride-share servicing apps. You can discover the differences in two important areas: how long it would take your driver to pick you up, and how much it will cost to deliver you and/or group to your destination.

2. You can Carpool, if you have time to spare and plan ahead. There may be other passengers, who, depending on the app, may also need a ride in your direction. Unfortuanatly, they will have unique pick-up and drop-off locations. However, you can cut your fare in half at times. The down-side is the you’ll be doubling the time that you’ll spend riding around. Uber has a “split fare” feature that you can use with friends to divide the cost of the ride.

3. Avoid Surges. Friday night’s and other popular times can increase the cost of your ride.

4. Keep your cell phone 100% charged. You don’t want to find yourself stuck out on a Friday night when your battery is about to die. You’ll have limited options at that point. It will decrease your ability to cost-compare and you may be left to old way of hailing a cab. Otherwise, always keep a portable cell phone battery charger handy.

5. Shop around for your ride to the airport. Uber can obviously give you a cost estimate in real-time, sometimes they offer a flat fee. However, a cab or private car may be more of a value for rides to airports.

6. Use your credit card. Not only can you get cash-back rewards, Uber has an affiliate partnership with three credit card providers.

7. Take advantage of booking promotions. The first time you book your Uber ride using the Facebook Messenger app, you get a $20 free ride credit. There are other quick discounts like this if you’re patient enough to find them.

7 Uber Safety Tips

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